StayinFront Interactive Shelf

Interactive Shelf visually highlights incorrect and missing items then captures immediate feedback from the field teams.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Virtually identify incorrect placements and missing items while capturing immediate feedback from your field team. Leverage powerful AI to create a reverse planogram to track various metrics such as identifying competitor share and changes to the shelf over time.

An AI Powered Reverse Planogram

Using the reverse planogram, field teams can view advanced KPIs like Share of Shelf and Share of Best Shelf while they are in-store. Capture the data digitally without needing to manually audit items using a grid.

Category and Account Management teams can review and compare accurate reverse planograms against the agreed layouts, then quickly identify non-compliance and opportunities for growth.

Seamlessly navigate through the entire ordering process. Create the Suggested Order by incorporating the actionable insights from StayinFront Retail Data Insight (RDI) and StayinFront Digital – all within one, integrated Retail Optimization Platform (ROP).


Interact with the shelf right from a phone or tablet. Field teams can access and alter information with just a touch of their screen. A user-friendly interface allows field teams to easily see where there are opportunities to improve the shelf and modify the information visually. Interactive Shelf captures data dimensionally and determines a product’s exact placement on the shelf.

Field Teams:

Digitally perform accurate shelf condition audits with AI-Powered Image Recognition Technology

Immediately analyze data to identify issues and opportunities to improve

Leverage the tool to improve the quality and consistency of the shelf

Supervisors can see actual shelf conditions and actions taken by their field team

Category and Account Management Teams:

Use accurate reverse planogram compliance information to drive account relationships

Compare sales performance against actual shelf position data to inform category management decisions and account relationships

Drive Measurable Growth with StayinFront