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Let’s face it, during the pandemic the main challenge for consumer goods companies was around the supply chain. Stocking shelves was more about producing and delivering products and simplifying product variety, packaging and delivery. The pandemic was followed by inflation where the focus was enhancing revenue (price increases and shrinking packages) to keep up with rapidly increasing costs including salary, transportation and materials. During this period, as many publicly traded companies reported results, sales gains were made possible first by pandemic-induced demand followed by price increases.

Lost along the way was selling and the focus on customers. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted that large retailers including Walmart and Amazon are starting to push back on price increases. Manufacturers will also feel consumer pressure as interest rates continue to climb and economies teeter on recession. Manufacturers and their sales teams will have to readjust their thinking around sales and improve their focus on selling and value proposition to achieve organic unit sales growth.

The right tools providing real-time insights powered by AI and machine learning are the future and will be deployed to best leverage selling interactions and responding to customer demands. Guided selling and route optimization are two of the many relevant features of StayinFront’s Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) which transforms digital data into actionable measurable insights.

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