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Driving growth through seasonal events is an opportunity for many Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers and Retailers. To maximize these events, field teams should be empowered with StayinFront Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) specifically enhanced to enable store-level planning and executionStayinFront Touch CG with Actionable Alerts and PitchBook do just that!

Once the seasonal merchandising and display tools are planned at the head office, every store must plan and execute well to drive growth. The StayinFront ROP platform includes PitchBook, which uses dynamic, store-specific data to show the performance of the promotion in the previous year to be recalled and presented side by side with a three-dimensional Augmented Reality (AR) visual of current years proposed displays.

To maximize the impact of a dynamic PitchBook presentation, images of various display options will first be created by CPG head office teams, representing ideal product mix and display solutions for various points of in-store display. The sales rep will use AR to show what various displays look like in specific store locations. These visuals combined with a recommended order creates a valid seasonal promotion plan.

Store Level Seasonal Event Planning:

Many retailers generate seasonal event orders at head office and push store-level orders out for review by store managers. Other retailers rely on store managers to commit to booking orders, or Direct Store Delivery (DSD) reps to create and deliver store orders. In all cases, store-level planning is key to successful seasonal event execution.

Viewing Actionable Alerts data from the prior year via Pitchbook, along with augmented display visuals, sales reps can review with store managers prior year displays, prior year POS sales data, any post-event excess inventory, and any lost sales due to early stock depletion. Once that data has been reviewed, look at display images of merchandising solutions planned for this year embedded in photos of the store locations intended to host those displays when season selling begins. Aligning store-level orders to the growth potential of planned display activity is key and must be followed up with execution excellence to deliver success.

Store Level Seasonal Event Execution

Through a series of finely tuned algorithms included in StayinFront Actionable Alerts, sales reps can be alerted to store-level conditions that need attention as the seasonal event approaches and executes.  These alerts include:

1. Late Delivery Alert:

Stores with no inventory on seasonal SKUs 3 days prior to the start sell date. Reps can contact the store to confirm the seasonal order delivery date and arrange to assist with display build immediately upon delivery.

2. Stock No Sales Alert:

Some SKUs may be missing from the display or lost in the back rooms.

3. Low Inventory Alert:

As the season progresses, alert where store-level inventory is insufficient to cover the next few day’s sales. The sales rep can alert the store manager to order replenishment stock

4. Long Inventory Alert:

As the end of season selling date nears, reps can be alerted as to which SKUs in which stores appear to have more inventory than needed to cover the remaining days of sale. Reps can place additional displays to assist sell-through.

Working with StayinFront TouchCG, enhanced with Actionable Alerts and Pitchbook enables laser-sharp focus on both planning and execution of seasonal events at the store level.

To learn more, click on this link to download a white paper or send us an email we’ll get in touch to demonstrate how this can work for your seasonal events.

Ken Arbadji

Derrick Jones

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