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Sending an email to a customer can be a heavy burden for pharma sales reps. Regulations make composing emails a difficult and time-consuming process as reps try to figure how to best communicate with the customer while remaining compliant.

What’s the Solution?

With the right tools, processes and tracking, you can lighten these burdens and greatly increase the speed and efficiency of email communication between the rep and customer. Here are some of the ways you can leverage these tools to take your organization to the next level:

♦ Control the Narrative
Equip reps with a virtual library of pre-approved email templates and content for the health care professional (HCP).

♦ Build in Safeguards
Give reps controlled freedom to configure and personalize email messages using approved variables and business rules so the end result is always compliant. Another safeguard that can be used is restricting specific content for some HCPs.

♦ Keep it Simple
Integrate your content management system into the pharma CRM that sales reps use every day. This will enable the reps to easily capture signatures during a call, and to send appropriate messages, product information and collateral from anywhere on any device.

♦ Give Them Insights
Message history, including delivery and “read” receipts after subsequent customer visits and detailing calls provide reps a point of conversation and follow-up.

StayinFront Briefcase® provides life sciences companies with an efficient and cost-effective content management way to manage, store and deliver selling content.

To learn more about how to improve the performance of your pharma sales team, visit our resources page, or contact us today for a demo.

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